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You have systems in place but colleagues don’t know how to use them as best as they can. You want to deliver increased return on your IT investment, reduce unnecessary support requests, increase employee satisfaction and reduce frustration.  How does happy productive, employees focusing on their jobs not battling with the tools of the job sound? Flexible high quality business IT Training delivered by experts. 

Cognitive Convergence has put together a number of Microsoft SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365 courses to help you get ahead of the curve. Most organizations have licenses for Microsoft SharePoint Services, but come and learn the features Microsoft SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365 can bring to your company. Get ahead of the curve! 

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 CUSTOM development

Custom software development around SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365, allows organisations to build and sustain a competitive advantage. Off the shelf software does not. No matter how you adapt an off the shelf software solution, you end up shoehorning your business to fit the software. Custom software is the other way around. You design and build the software to reflect your current or ideal business model targeting SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365
The ROI on custom software is relatively easy to define and measure. The first benefit is increased productivity. Software that is cusmtomised specifically with your needs in mind allows your team to work faster and smarter. 

Another benefit is a competitive advantage. If your competition has access to the same off-the-shelf software as you, it isn’t a competitive advantage. Custom software around SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365 allows you to build and enhance your competitive edge. With custom software you always have the chance to continue to evolve your software to suit your changing and expanding business model, with minimal interruption to business. 

Another advantage of custom software development comes with partnering with an advance development team such as Cognitive Convergence. Once you have engaged cognitive convergence, the sky’s the limit on what can be achieved. Cognitive Convergence enables you to sustain a competitive advantage for a modest investment, ensuring minimal business interruption, allowing your business model to become more nimble and preventing software obsolesces. 

Our team of globally recognized experts are positioned and ready to provide your company with high-impact Microsoft Enterprise/Cloud Solutions(SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365) Consulting services. Our solutions are aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness at every level of your organization. Through many years of experience, we’ve created the most concise and practical Microsoft Enterprise Solutions consulting methodology available and we are ready to work with you.  
Our team of Microsoft  Enterprise/Cloud Solutions(SharePoint/Project Server/Office 365/Dynamics 365) professionals invite you to exploit all features with the maximum benefit for your enterprise. We will help you get the best of  solutions by providing the full cycle of  consulting, customization and support services for projects of various complexity: 

  • Business analysis 
  • Consulting and configuration 
  • Project management 
  • Customization 
  • Migration 
  • Integration with enterprise systems 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Support and maintenance 

End User FoCUS Training 

Strategic Consulting