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FacebookConnect look and feel:

Max Feeds


 A client ID or API key is necessary to integrate Facebook with FacebookConnect application. Client ID/API key is Unique key that generated from Facebook for developers and end users. In this case you are the end user. You must have to enter your client ID/ API key in given field to get updates from Facebook.
For getting client ID/ API key you must have to create application on Facebook developer platform. There is step by step procedure to create application on Facebook developer platform in following link:
After creating application now, you have App ID/Client ID that you will enter in given text field. Remember do not share your App ID with anyone.

Facebook, is the strongest personal social media platform. Heavy  data activities and processing is going on. User spend  too much time on Facebook activities that are disturbing the co-operate time. A lot of personal connections, feeds, comments and shares.

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SharePoint/Office 365, is professional, enterprise, co-operate level product. So our solution,  will provide a professional, enterprise, co-operate level view of Facebook  data in Office 365 Add-in. So idea is  to have customized co-operate wall of Facebook for employee of company.

Client ID/API key

Problem domain:


An Office 365/SharePoint Add-in for showing customize co-operate wall of Facebook feeds.

Page Username

FacebookConnect Configuration

In this field you will enter the number of maximum updates you want to fetch. E.g. if you enter ‘10’ then FacebookConnect will display total 10 updates from all pages.

In this field you have to enter pages’ username from which you want to get updates. You must enter each page username on new line.


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