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Cognitive Convergence -  IP Protection Guidelines

needed to make you feel safe/protected/confident about your cooperation with a software house – go ahead and just request it.
The most important thing in this business is trust. If you’re negotiating with a company serious about their trade, they will be just as serious about your concerns.
Cognitive Convergence, is very security-conscious and devoted to protecting intellectual property and business
knowledge of its clients in USA. We recognize importance of protecting customers’ information and express strong commitment to safeguarding their privacy. Hence, respective ethical rules and privacy policies have been adopted at Cognitive Convergence.Type your paragraph here.

Cognitive Convergence - vision for IP Protection related to our customers

Being a software development company working in the outsourcing sector, and we often have to deal with our customers’ concerns about their intellectual property,IP and ownership rights when they outsource their software development. We decided to share our vision of this issue, as it seems to be one of the matters that many companies find critical. We always respect the intellectual property,IP of our clients and take proactive measures for its protection, according to USA market, IP protection guidelines and standards.

  • Teach our employees about trade secret practices.
  • Have employees sign nondisclosure agreements.
  • Have employees sign non-compete agreements.
  • Create security measures around every project, like document management and data backups.
  • Mark in-development projects with copyright notices to add extra protection.
  • Treat your projects like trade secrets by adding trade secret protocols around developing projects.
  • Implemented a strict IT and network security governance plan. 
  • Regular IP protection training plans.
  • Regular IP protection campaigns in our company.
  • Robust Firewall and Antivirus services prevents outside network access.
  • USB ports and CD-ROM ports are disabled on all the machines.
  • We also have strong Internet Usage policy in place, which restricts employees from using websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other content sharing websites.


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We simply can’t afford to let you feel insecure. It could easily kill our business based on trust and good references. We love what we’re doing and our passion drives us to constantly improve the security of our development process.
Include the provision saying that whenever the contract is terminated by either party for whatever reason, you will have immediate access to any intellectual property that has been created so far.
So far, the security measures adopted by us, have proved sufficient to instill trust in our clients and avoid breaching the Intellectual Property rights at any point. However, should anything extra be