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San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A

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Technology waits for no one. The backbone of every innovative item that is created today, is formed on the most promising cloud technologies. Our solutions are based on radically new approaches and processes that allow us to act upon the latest trends of the market to build useful solutions for our clients. We understand the business needs of most clients and have created ready to customize app solutions that are beneficial for business growth. For us, this means to set development goals that become success factors for everyone ultimately.

Risk and Decision - Management/Analysis Practice

To deliver useful insights and drive business growth, modern companies are highly dependent on real-time data analysis. Our Power BI Data Connectors offer its users, the fastest and easiest way to connect Power BI to more than 200+ Enterprise data sources worldwide. We have a powerful set of fully-integrated data connectors that simplify the process of accessing data of any enterprise in real-time. Our solution will help you to connect with Accounting, CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, On-Premise, and Cloud data. Non-technical users can enjoy the possibility to work from various data connections with an easy all-in-one data integration that too with quick access to all the information needed to perform their analyses.

If you are one of those companies that are trying to emerge as a powerful SaaS Company, Cognitive Convergence is here to help you. Some of our recent projects include the following companies to whom we have remarkably enabled to give live on Mircrosoft platform 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the most highlighted terms of computer science. Machine Learning is learning without being unambiguously programmed in which machines can learn on their own. It is one of the applications of AI that facilitate the system with the ability to automatically learn and improve from past experiences.

Cognitive Convergence has an offer solution that focuses on the concept of Applied AI and Machine Learning to help organizations and businesses translate technologies into quantifiable business impact. Our solutions will help clients embrace this disruption to grow with it.

Custom connector practice for Power Automate, Power Apps, Logic App for SAAS Companies

Earned Value Management Practice

EdConvergence – EdTech Strategy for Education Industry- Practice

Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning Practice

Psychologist Solution Practice provides a personalized Dashboard for Psychologists, Counselors, Therapists, Psychiatrists, and Social Workers, where you can see your today’s schedule, who’s coming in, what they are coming in for, calendars, a balance due, etc. You can easily set up new appointments, send an automated text and email as appointment reminders, view future appointments against a client, create a profile for new clients, add prospects to a waiting list, create therapy notes, or even take payments, in one single solution.

Our solutions are made simple yet smart, scalable, and secure with easy to use features such as Appointment Reminders, Client Portal, Scheduling, Therapy notes, Telehealth Video Conferencing, Credit Card Processing, Billing, Income & Expense Tracking, etc. and many other business management tools in a cloud-hosted environment. We provide the perfect visualization for every task at hand. At Cognitive Convergence, we work hard to provide such solutions to our clients that help them to maintain and grow their practices as well as meet the needs of their clients at the same time.

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It will virtually show all of the possible outcomes for any situation and tells the probability of how likely they are to occur in a certain time period. In this way, you can judge which risk factors to take on for positive results and which ones to avoid. It will give critical insights in this world of high uncertainty.
Our Risk/Decision Analysis Practice cover the following:

  • Preparing, Describing, Analyzing, and Modeling data
  • Forcast and Control Risk, create optimal plans and resource allocation decisions
  • Data visualization, forecasting, and predictive analytics
  • Monte Carlo Sumilation
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Machine Learning Architecture
  • Bayesian Network Implementation
  • Custom software development as per client-specific needs
  • Related App/Product/Solution Consulting and Strategy defining practice.

Our Risk and Decision Solutions can be used to demonstrate the probability of different outcomes in a systematic process that cannot easily be predicted otherwise due to the intervention of random variables. Solutions are based on a statistical technique that is used to understand and forecast the impact of risk and uncertainty in prediction and forecasting models. From Financial Analysts to Project Managers to Operational Research Managers, anyone who faces troubles of uncertainty in their quantitative analyses can benefit from our solution. 

Cognitive Convergence

Our EVM solution will provide you the feasibility of managing all data that let you analyze the current progress of a project and show you the future cost and schedule performance as well. It also helps you in forecasting. Our Earn Value Management Practice, is based on EIA-748 - an established industry standard for EVMS. Our solutions follow 32 guidelines and related process discussion as best practices for organizing, scheduling, budgeting, measuring progress, and managing project work effort. Earned value analysis with our solutions allows you to compare the budgeted value of completed work verses the actual costs as:

  • Schedule Performance
  • Cost Performance
  • Price/Usage Analysis
  • Performance Analysis/Exception Reports

Our Earned Value Management Practice cover following areas:

  • Processes refinement that includes integration of project scope, schedule, and cost objectives,
  • Project related problem identification, corrective actions, asessement and replanning
  • Compliance with EIA-748 requirements.
  • Clients Gap Analysis and furture Roadmap to have solid implementation of EVMS
  • Baseline Planning and Development - Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)
  • Related App/Product/Solution Consulting and Strategy defining EVM practice
  • Custom software development as per client specific needs for EVM

Power BI Custom Data connector practice for SAAS companies

A custom connector is a wrapper around a REST API that allows the Logic Apps, Power Automate, or Power Apps to communicate with that REST or SOAP API.
Besides build-in connectors, Cognitive Convergence, helps you get the specific data that you may need to grow your business. No matter, if you need some unique cloud connection that is not currently available, our team of experts enables you to states your need to create your custom connector for you. Whether you want a connector for your exclusive use within a company, or you want to add it to the list of all available Connectors available in office 365, our team of experts will guide you, to walk you through getting a custom Connector. Our easy-to-use visual workflow automation system for power automates power apps and the logic app which will allow you to focus on available resources to deliver exactly what your customer wants to keep them satisfied.

You are an emerging SAAS company, that wants to enable your clients' data with Microsoft Power Platform, Cognitive Convergence, is here to help you. Few SAAS companies enabled by us to go live in Microsoft Power Platform are as follows:

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San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Francisco, California, U.S.A
San Diego, CA, U.S.A.

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EdTech Strategy for Education Industry Practice is a platform for students and parents where they can communicate with each other for various purposes and use that platform in their regular lifestyles. Parent-Teacher Communication Platform is one of its concepts by which the educational sector can build a bridge between teachers and parents to improve their communication.

Our solution is a package of all those techniques and tools that accelerates the development of students not only at school but at home as well.  Our Parent-Teacher Communication Platform excels in achieving the maximum result by having the positive support of both parents and teachers. It connects teachers with students and parents to build progressive classroom communities. Our Educational product develops a positive sign of cooperation between parents and teachers which are linked with just a single click.

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